You ask me: "What is the essence of the teaching?"

I have said to you and I shall say again: "The essence of the divine teaching is Love, Wisdom and Truth."

I know that you will ask: "And what are they?"

Listen, you who have already made the irreparable error, you have broken the shell of life in order to taste of its kernel, the kernel which all of you eat and yet cannot consume. Continue in your error - eat of the kernel, but do not stumble over the shell.

And I say to you: Eat of the kernel, taste truth but do not stumble over the shells - do not ask for "proofs".

Therefore, hear the answer to your question!

Love is that without which no life can exist.

Wisdom is that without which no movement can exist.

Truth is that without which no limit exists.

Love is the beginning of life.

Truth is the end of life. These are the two limits of the Great Reality in life.

That which moves in between and gives form to things is Wisdom.

Wisdom cannot act if there is no beginning and no end. Between these, Wisdom acts - in the space between the beginning and the end which fills all eternity without ever filling it fully.

In this space Wisdom moves and reveals what Love and Truth are.

Wisdom says:

I that move between the beginning and the end, I say to you:

Love is the beginning of all creation.

Truth is the ultimate limit of creation, its highest goal. And beyond Truth? Beyond Truth there is nothing. It is not possible to go beyond Truth. Everything that has been created, after moving and moving, will finally stop at Truth. It might move for millions and billions of years, but when it arrives at Truth, there it will stop. You must choose - either you will adhere to the laws of Truth and live according to them, or you will turn into dust and ashes.

You say: "Tell me the Truth!"

Truth cannot be told; it must be lived.

Truth is the fruit of the entire life. It includes that in which God reveals Himself. It includes that in which all perfect beings reveal themselves. It includes all eternities which is composed of thousands and millions of "eternities", for there are eternities which are limited and eternities which are limitless.

Therefore, remember: If, with your love you cannot pass from the beginning to the end and enter into Truth; and if, with your truth, you cannot pass back from the end to the beginning, you will never comprehend what life is.

You must unite the beginning and the end. If you cannot do this, you can do nothing and comprehend nothing.

And what can unite the beginning and the end?

Only Wisdom.


The Light Brotherhood's Way of Life