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Visit to Teutonic Castle

The Gothic cathedral

© The Gothic cathedral

The interior of Gothic cathedral

© The interior of Gothic cathedral

Visit continues under Gestapo's eyes

© Visit continues under Gestapo's eyes

A moment of silence to remember war heroes

© A moment of silence to remember war heroes

Senator in conversation

© Meetings with Mr. Steiner. Nice, polite, well versed in Slavic culture and even speaks passable Polish. He smells intelligence officer.

A private conversation on the Castle tower

© A private conversation on the Castle tower

A passageway with two GESTAPO agents in the back

© A passageway with two GESTAPO agents in the back

Castle yard

© Castle yard

The Magdeburg Sting 1936

Breaking of Enigma

1930. Trepper comes to Paris as a member of soviet intelligence network organized by a Palestinian. The network is discovered and Trepper is "turned" to work under direction of French Second Bureau. Later, in 1932, he will organize the only "successful" soviet network during Second World War; the Red Orchestra. It was successful since French, British, Germans and Soviets, were involved. Trapper will become the most doubled (tripled) spy in the history of Second World War. Later, British will feed ULTRA info to Stalin through Popov (Tricycle) to Trepper, who in turn will feed it into soviet Rado network in Switzerland. Stalin will think that the info was coming from German HQ, while it was "repacked" Enigma material from ULTRA. A friendly help, to prevent Stalin from getting into trouble on the Eastern Front.

1930. A cryptology course is over. The three young men who had shown the greatest ability for the subject were Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Żygalski. They are recruited.

1930. Captain Bertrand is made the head of section "D" in French intelligence (scientific, technical, intelligence and decoding services).

Oct. 1930 Canaris is made chief of staff of north sea bases at Wilhelmshaven.

April 1931. Admiral Erich Raeder dismisses Reinhard Heydrich from the navy for seducing the daughter of I.G. Farben director in 1930 and refusing to marry her.

1 June 1931. Herbert O. Yardley publishes "The American black chamber", a book on early US State Department's decoding efforts.

14 June 1931. Heydrich meets Himmler at a chicken farm in Waldtrudering near Munich. Himmler gives him 20 min. to write a plan to form of Nazi Party security and intelligence service. He approves the plan and then assigns Heydrich the task of building this organization.

Autumn 1931. Captain Henri Navarre informs Captain Bertrand about Hans Thilo Schmidt, a young officer working in cipher bureau of the Reichswehr. He is a younger brother of a general in the German army. He wants to provide French with enigma codes for the day and procedures.

December 7 1931. Captain Gustave Bertrand, the officer of the Second Bureau of the French General Staff comes to Poland and meets with the heads of Polish intelligence department; Lieutenant-Colonel Gwido Langer, Major Francishek Pokorny and Captain Maksimilian Ciężki. He has with him the material on Enigma.

They spend a week in Poznań's Cipher School. A Polish-Franco intelligence cooperation pact is signed. Major Pokorny formulates the plan: The arrest of Goldberg revealed a larger network of Soviet spies and Komintern sympathizers. This network is in contact with similar ones in Europe.

The idea of an intelligence sting was born.... An injection of false information into soviet intelligence network... could create interesting results. Soviet leadership could be inoculated with fabricated documents showing high level secret alliances between German Army Officers and Red Army Officers. Friendly relations , between Germans and Soviets, existed after Rapallo Treaty and joint industrial and army cooperation in the early 20's. Many personal contacts involved officers of both sides. Mikhail Tukhachevski, the leading Marshal of Red Army, officially visited Germany. It could be documented that these contacts lead to a conspiracy between REISHWEHR and Soviet Red Army to depose Stalin with full material and financial support from Germany.
If information was planted in such way as if it was emanating from Germany, Stalin, known for his suspicious nature, would react in a predictable way; he will execute "the conspirators".
The Trepper network could be a channel to plant the false information. If it looks like a leak through France... it could be more credible. Many angles will have to be worked out.

1932. Members of Soviet Intelligence network in Paris are arrested. Trepper "escapes" and becomes a deep mole in Soviet Intelligence network. Captain Bertrand, controls turned Trepper in France.

1932. General von Bredow, the head of "Abwehr", becomes military secretary to the Reichswehr Ministry in the Schleicher government. Handing military intelligence to his friend Captain Conrad Patzig.

On 7 December 1931, Captain Bertrand, the head of Section D of French Intelligence, arrived in Warsaw. Major Langer greeted him. Captain Bertrand provided Enigma operating instructions, purchased by French Section E from a former officer in the German army; Stelmann. It filled missing details of military version construction, and keys by which it was set for a period of time.

December 1932. Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Żygalski break first "Enigma" intercept. The "Enigma" cipher was based on substitution, so, Rejewski used a similar mathematical theory. The first decoded message is of low level importance. Soon after a regular flow of decoded information increases. The breaking of the first German signals was an outstanding event, but it did not solve the problem once and for all. The electric-mechanical devices had to be invented to deal with changing settings: grille, cyclometer, bombas and perforated sheets stacks. The ability to read German military traffic offered Polish Intelligence with an early inside view of Hitler's organization and plans. They could also observe Stalin's perpetual efforts to make an alliance with Nazi Germany.

December 1932. Canaris takes command of the battleship "Schlesien".

22 January 1933. Colonel Oscar von Hindenburg, the son of field marshal von Hindenburg, meets Hitler. Trepper "sources" supply high-grade intelligence on developments in Germany. The real source is "Enigma" traffic decoded and modified in Poland. Trepper is being legitimized.

26 January 1933. General Schleicher, the last chancellor resigns. He is presented with full documentation of his homosexual relations with young men.

30 January 1933. President Hindenburg names Hitler a chancellor of Germany. Hermann Goring is Minister of State without portfolios, commissioner for aviation & minister of the interior for Prussia. Dr. Wilhelm Frick is Minister of the Interior. Werner von Blomberg is Minister of Defense & chief of the military delegation to the League of Nations disarmament conference. Von Reichenau becomes Military Secretary.

2 February 1933. Hitler meets generals Werner von Blomberg (newly appointed Defense Minister), Army Kurt von Hammerstein and Navy Admiral Erich Raeder.

27 February 1933. Reichstag goes up in flames. Soviet agents are accused. Members of German Communist Party (KPD) are arrested.

28 February 1933. Seven guarantees of individual and civil liberties are suspended.

21 March 1933. Hitler is clasping hands with Hindenburg during the opening of the new Reichstag in Potsdam garrison church.

23 March 1933. Reichstag passes "Enabling Act".

"Abwehr" is organized into five sections:
-Central section: deals with personnel and secret register. Headed by Major Hans Oster friend of H. Gisevius.
-Foreign: Capt. Leopold Burkner.
-Espionage (i): Hans Piekenbrock (Piki)
-Counter-espionage (ii): Major R. Bamler
-Sabotage & political action(iii): Col. Helmut Groscurtus

1 May 1933. The first parade before new Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, takes place on Tempelhof field in Berlin. Captain Bertrand is there, incognito on false documents, to observe this first Nazi parade.

10 May 1934. Wiaczeslaw Mienzynski has a heart attack and dies. Herszel Jehuda (aka Gienrich Grigorijewicz Jagoda), a cousin of Jakov Swierdlov, takes over, OGPU is reorganized. NKVD is formed with Jagoda's men placed in key positions. Losers fertilize the ground. Jagoda, who long time ago passed into Stalin's camp, was responsible for deaths of Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and Wiaczeslaw Mienzynski. He was motivated with desire to personally reach for power. First, Stalin out maneuvered him with the help of Dzerzhinsky, and then Wiaczeslaw Mienzynski got in his way. Now, with Wiaczeslaw Mienzynski out of the way he is at the head of the most deadly organization: NKVD. 25 000 well-equipped and cared for professionals assisted by hundred thousands of willing or forced informers.
Jagoda organized a diversion to eliminate any potential opposition; an assassination... followed by investigation. All his enemies, accused of imperialistic connections, would be eliminated.

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